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Who is she?
This website is unofficial and is dedicated to the talents of a young lady called Kaci, her full name is Kaci Lynn Battaglia! Kaci was born in Clearwater, Florida on the 3rd of October 1987 and now lives in Seminole, Florida and She started singing at the age of three.

Kaci is also very athletic, "I played Basketball, AAU Basketball, Volleyball, and I actually lettered in Track while in the 6th grade!" She's also a brown belt in karate!
Kaci's Talents!
In kindergarden, Kaci, an only child, continued her love of singing and performing. Her voice had a distinctive vibrato but her family could not find a singing teacher who would instruct such a young(albeit gifted) pupil.

At eight, Kaci received her first formal voice lessons and she soon joined a singing group of young girls who appeared at various events around the local Tampa/St. Petersburg area.Kaci soon did solo performances, including singing the national anthem, for the Florida Governor and Congressmen and the New York Yankees.

Kaci Lynn Battaglia
New UK Single "I Think I Love You"
this is taken from Kaci's Official news page: "now I'm getting ready to head back to the UK to promote my new single "I Think I Love You" and tour with the Smash Hits Tour then I'll be home to promote my new U.S. single "Intervention Divine".
- Kaci has been awarded the "Most Glamorous Newcomer" on the Smash Hits Tour in the UK.

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This Site!
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Kaci's single, 'Paradise", in stores NOW!
Don't forget to purchase Kaci's single, 'Paradise", in stores NOW in the UK! You can purchase it off

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